The Power Of Giving Back

“Sometimes all we need is a little hope and a little help to see the possibilities. Dwight gave me hope and had changed my perspective about life. Now that I am a little more comfortable in life, I want to fulfill my promise to give back to the world – to make the same investment in others who too, one day, will help change the world.”

Who can you say has made a life-changing impact in your life? An impact so big that it defines your personality and who you are as a person. To me, that person is Dwight Morris.

Not only did he help with my college tuition but also inspired me to live life with a purpose. I vividly remember the moment when he looked straight into my eyes and gifted me a check to pay for my admission fee at the University of North Carolina. I was shocked and asked him why. He replied: “Bryan, I believe in you. This is an investment in you because I believe you will be great and will make a difference in the world.”

What Dwight did changed my life. I am sure that you CAN help too. Big or small – TOGETHER we can help make a difference, a little at a time.

2 Students Sponsored

Days to Go


Through Children of Vietnam, my goal is to reach $20,000 by Dec 20, 2019 to help five kids through college. It’s not a lot, but I hope it will show them that I MADE it and they CAN make it too. With my own donation the help of my employer,family,friends,co-workers and YOU we can reach our goal.”

Thank you,
Bryan Hoang


This year there are 30 students waiting for the opportunity that Bryan was given. These students live in poverty and yet they worked hard enough to be able to pass their exams to enter University. They have the drive and the determination with your help they will change the world all they need is a little help from YOU.