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Natalie Pho

Natalie Pho is a wife and mother of two teenage children. Since her early years in rural Pennsylvania, Natalie wanted to be an educator. While working on her B.A. in Elementary Education at Bloomsburg University, Natalie was inspired by a local community activist to work with children in the inner city. After college, she moved to the D.C. area and worked as an assistant director of a child care agency and then as a 2ndgrade teacher at Tubman Elementary School. Upon having her first child, Natalie decided to be a full-time mother and educator to her children. Natalie has homeschooled her children intermittently for the past 12 years, while serving faithfully in her church in multiple capacities, including mentoring young moms, teaching English as a Second Language and singing in the choir. Natalie currently teaches English online to students who live in China. Natalie has also helped her children organize multiple benefit concerts that have raised support for Syrian refugees and flood victims. She hopes to use this experience as a member of the Development Committee, to inspire others to engage in the incredible work that COV is doing in Vietnam. In her free time, she loves to take walks, play tennis, and sing in community choral groups.