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Nancy Letteri

Executive Director
Nancy joined COV as a volunteer serving on the board for 5 years before being asked to become Executive Director and COV’s first US-based employee. Since 2011, she has overseen the expansion of Children of Vietnam including programs serving children with disabilities, single mothers with dependent children and C’tu ethnic minority children and families.

During her time at COV, Nancy has overseen the strengthening of the COV Board, the expansion of both the US and Vietnam staff, and the redesign of its website and communications strategies. She is also responsible for the development of key partnerships and collaborations with a range of foundations, corporations, and nonprofits whose missions and goals align with COV.

Nancy graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia. She worked as a Director of Development with Children, Youth, and Family Services, the Boys & Girls Club in Charlottesville and established a grant writing consultancy before joining the COV board. She lives in Charlottesville, VA with her family and dog Toby.