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Frederic Whitehurst

Frederic Whitehurst has been a member of the COV board since 2016. He holds a BS in Chemistry (East Carolina University 1974), a PhD in Chemistry (Duke University 1980) and a JD (Georgetown University 1996). He is presently employed as an attorney in North Carolina engaged principally in criminal defense. He also works as a forensic consultant reviewing work product from government crime laboratories and testifying as an expert witness. Fred joined the COV board because of his close ties with Vietnam. He was a soldier during the Vietnam/American War stationed in Quang Nam and Quang Tri Provinces for three years from 1969 to 1972. He returns to Vietnam to visit the family of Dr. Dang Thuy Tram whose war time diaries he returned to the family after holding them for 35 years. Dr. Tram’s mother and family adopted Fred as a member of the family in 2005 and thus he travels to see his mother and sisters in Hanoi as often as possible. He has a special interest in the issues surrounding the use of Agent Orange during the war.