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Ben Wilson

Founder and President

Ben Wilson has thirty years of successful and responsible business experience. He graduated with a B.S., North Carolina State University, School of Mechanical Engineering. Since graduating, Ben has directed numerous studies and projects in numerous countries including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, China, and Mexico. After retiring from his final assignment in Vietnam, he founded Children of Vietnam in 1998 in partnership with Ms. Luong Thi Huong, COV’s current Country Director. Under Ben’s leadership, COV has been innovative in its approach to providing assistance to children.  With Ben’s guidance, COV leverages its resources to the fullest through partnerships with local authorities, community organizations, other nonprofits, businesses and even the beneficiaries themselves.  COV strives for community-based solutions and seeks systemic change for lasting impact. These operational tenants, together with Ben’s willingness to collaborate with all who share in COV’s mission, underlie the exceptional contribution Ben has made on behalf of children ensuring each child has the opportunity to grow, be happy, and to fully develop.