What We Do

Thanh Tam School Girls Smiling

We build bright futures for vulnerable children in Vietnam.

Educating, Healing, Sheltering, Nurturing.

We are PASSIONATE about helping children.

We are GRASSROOTS. We create relationships with the communities, find the greatest needs, and deliver aid and support to provide sustained growth in the community.

We are EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and TRANSPARENT. We leverage all resources and deliver aid quickly and directly.

Children of Vietnam has two overarching goals. We:

• assist children, families, and communities in breaking the cycle of poverty, ill health, and homelessness; and
• provide immediate aid to children and families in crisis.

We strive for a future where all children in Vietnam have all of the life necessities to achieve their fullest potential.

Our values reflect the way we work. At Children of Vietnam, we:

  • keep the focus on the children;
  • assess each child’s needs within the context of the family and the community to maximize the sustainability of our efforts;
  • recognize and respect the intrinsic value and dignity of every person with whom we interact; and
  • accept inclusively all the motivations to help and be helped.

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For more detailed information, here are our yearly accomplishments.