Meet Our Children

 Hoa Mai Girls in knitted caps credit Charles Johnson 2012 sm

Amazing success stories thanks to your support!

Over the years, we have met many, many children and have witnessed their amazing success stories thanks to your support. We are ever grateful for you joining us in this journey walking hand-in-hand with these children and their families.

Typhoon Fear

Grandmother Nguyet shared her worst fears…that a typhoon will come and tear Nguyet Grandma and grandsonthe roof off.  The house is old plan-boards with lots of space for wind to blow through and one of the rooms is used as the pigsty.  They do not have a bathroom.  Out in the countryside in Quang Nam Province, there are few comforts.  Families get by with very little.

Three families live in this house, the grandmother, her grown daughter (who in employed as a seamstress) with her second-grade son and her grown son with his wife and their infant daughter (they are laborers and farmers). During our investigation visit, the home still had burial flowers as the grandfather had just died not more than a month ago due to a carpentry accident. The Nguyet family was very stressed. They had lost a primary wage earner and now had barely enough income to purchase food.

Children of Vietnam built this family a new home and the family helped by providing lunch for the workers and some manual labor. The house is small, but it is clean and dry, designed to withstand typhoon winds, and it has a new indoor toilet giving all much improved hygiene, some dignity and lifted hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

Nguyet old house

Nguyet New Home







Overcoming the Odds!

Heart disease, developmental delay, epilepsy, cleft lip (repaired), cleft palate,difficulty moving and speaking – these are all conditions suffered by young Nhan who hasn’t even welcomed his teenage years yet.HSC_Nhan and Father

Nhan lives with his mother, father and two siblings. His father works in a factory earning about $100 per month. This is $1.11 per person per month. His mother suffered an accident that has disabled her and she cannot work.

Nhan is suspected of being a victim of Agent Orange. His paternal grandfather was a soldier in the past war in Vietnam stationed along Truong Son range where defoliants were sprayed extensively by the U.S. military during 1961-1971. His maternal grandparents were civilians at the time, but lived close to one of the most violent battlefields surrounding Danang city. Also, his father joined the army during 1987-1990 and was stationed in Phuoc Tuong area around Danang airport.

HSC_Nhan Father and SisterSince Nhan’s enrollment in our Hope System of Care for Children with Disabilities, Nhan has and his family has received much support including regular health checks, repair for his cleft palate, special education and the repair of the households leaky roof. Further, Nhan has been a part of our annual TET celebrations where he was given small gifts and his parents participate in one of the many parent support groups we facilitate.

Education Matters

Education Thao Bright Scholars Girls Club 2014Thao was born in 2001. She lives with her mother, Ms. Dung and her 9-year old sister, Thy. Being an oldest sister, she took on responsibility early in her family. She is nimble, harmonious and hardworking. Her responsiblility increased even more when her father died three years ago of a terminal disease. At that time, sorrow overwhelmed the family. Thao worked hard to help her mother doing chores and taking care of her sister. All the while still in primary school. Still, she was always the best pioneer not only in her class but also in her school. Thao earned an excellent grades, and she even was given the first prize award in a contest of Young Information Technology held by Da Nang City.

Thao’s mother is a cleaner in a nearby hospital. All family expenditures depend totally from her monthly salary of 1,500,000 VND/month (equivalent to $0.80 USD per day per family member). When we first met Ms. Dung she was very worried, “The money I earn is not enough for us spend all the expenditure. Thao is not only the excellent student but also a good daughter at home. A worry about money for Thao’s studying is always in my mind. I do not know where it comes from.” When the mother learned that Thao would be the recipient of a school scholarship, she was VERY happy and grateful for the support.

Last year with this scholarship, Thao demonstrated her gratefulness by trying her best. She received the highest score and was award an excellent certificate! By keeping the school doors open for Thao will help ensure she will have a bright future!