The Clara and Nam Kindergarten Fund

children-welcoming-usIn 2012, two young people on opposite sides of the US wanted to do something for young children. Nam and Clara joined forces to build a kindergarten in rural Quang Nam province where the poverty is high and most families are subsistent farmers. Nam celebrated his birthday and asked for donations to be sent instead of birthday presents and Clara crafted jewelry and donated all of her proceeds.

Others also joined in to raise funds and very soon, the Binh Dinh Nam kindergarten was constructed and young children were learning, playing and growing and getting the best start possible!!

Donations to the Clara and Nam Kindergarten Fund will be used to provide equipment, books, audio visual equipment, toys, playground equipment, and other important supplies for the Binh Dinh Nam kindergarten.  It will also support other kindergartens needing resources so that young children can learn, grow and be happy.