Become a Sustainer

Life is uncertain, especially for children living in poverty.

The daily challenges of hunger, lack of access to education, single motherhood and having a child with disabilities make it difficult to think beyond today.

That is where you can help. By becoming a sustaining donor, you are
lifting Vietnamese children from poverty all year long!

Hear why your monthly support is so important to them!



Here are some ways your monthly support can impact our most vulnerable children throughout the year.

$10 a month/$120 per year

Provides 2 children with secondary scholarships for
1 year

$25 a month/$300 per year

Provides comprehensive medical care for a child with disabilities

$50 a month/$600 per year

Provides a single mother with business training, medical care, and school support for her children

$100 a month/$1200 per year

Provides a poor, but bright, student with one year of university tuition