Educating. Healing. Sheltering. Nurturing.

Building bright futures for vulnerable children in Vietnam – Educating, Healing, Sheltering, Nurturing.

Since 1998, Children of Vietnam has been serving the children in Vietnam whose futures are stifled by poverty: educating minds, mending bodies, sheltering families and nurturing their development. COV is guided by its commitment to be effective, efficient and transparent. We build relationships, find the greatest needs, deliver aid, give hope to families and establish futures for poor, orphaned, disabled and vulnerable children. COV’s overarching goals are: (1) to breaking the cycle of poverty, illness, and homelessness; and (2) to provide immediate aid to children and families in crisis. We do this one child, one family, one community at a time.

Academy Award Nominee: Chau, Beyond The Lines

Children of Vietnam is proud to have introduced the Oscar Nominated short documentary “Chau, Beyond The Lines” for its New York screening. Chau is about a young Vietnamese boy (whose disabilities are suspected due to parental Agent Orange exposure) who overcame tremendous odds to become an artist. There are thousands of children just like Chau who deserve access to a better life. Children of Vietnam is working diligently to make this a reality through its innovative program Hope System of Care.